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Model Information

Surf.Finder - WV
Surf.Finder - WV
Wide FOV

Surf.Finder is a surface inspection sensor dedicated to machine vision with a super multi-function. It quantitatively measures surface information such as inclination, roughness, reflection, so that it can stably perform surface inspections such as dents, scratches, air bubbles, stains, etc., which are previously considered impossible. Furthermore, it provides a free-illumination function that not only can freely set arbitrary illumination types such as bar, ring, co-axial, etc. to 24bit color, but also can very quickly switch them.  

Surf.Finder-WV is suitable for non-glare objects with a relatively wide FOV and various camera settings. 

The product is composed of a Free illumination system that covers the upper part(including camera hole for SF, excluding camera hole for WV), an illumination controller, and an S/W package.  

Illumination Dome type Free-Illumination
Basic Processed Images Inclination, Roughness, Reflectivity
Dimension(W x L x H) 325 x 325 x 354 (mm)
Dome Opening for Lens 35 X 35 (mm)
Min. Lens to DOL 15 mm
Weight 8.0 kg
Dome Inner Diameter Ф 258 mm
Typical Working Distance 20 mm (relatively flexible)
Camera Type Area Scan Camera
FOV 120mm x 120mm (typically max.)
Input Voltage 5V
Input Current 27A (Max.)
Includes Built-in Controller, S/W Package(SDK, Viewer), LAN cable, SMPS, Dongle key
Certificate RoHS, CE
O/S Windows 10 (64bit)
GPU NVIDIA Graphics 10xx Series or higher performance product
Min. Lens Working Distance 175 mm
Camera type Mono(area scan)
Cameras to use Viewer(UI) - IDS Gigabit, USB 3.0 Camera(UI-Series, IDS Software suite)
- U3, G3 Series(IDS PEAK library) are under compatibility development.
- Basler Gigabit, USB 3.0 Camera(Pylon 6)
- Hikvision Gigabit, USB 3.0 Camera(MVS)
- Euresys Grablink series(Camera Link)
- Euresys Coaxlink series(CoaxPress)
- Matrox Rapixco CXP series(CoaXpress)
Recommended PCI cards - Gigabit Ethernet PCI Card
- USB 3.0 PCI Card (NEC chipset is more stable)