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This is Deediim Sensors Inc. that leads the innovation of machine vision sensors.

Deediim Sensors is a company that develops and manufactures machine vision sensors.
Deediim Sensor provides a variety of know-how such as illumination, sensors, and software so that companies can perform more accurate and quantitative inspections.

Surf.Finder, Deediim's sensor, is a revolutionary new technology in machine vision.Our sensorscan quantitatively inspect the surface of products for defects thatare previously considered impossible.
It simplifies complex inspection steps and makes impossible inspections possible.

The goal of Deediim Sensors is to help companies improve quality and reduce costs through inspection standardization.
We will satisfy the expectations of companies for high quality and cost reduction by quantitatively inspecting defects during the manufacturing process.
Furthermore, Deediim Sensors will continue to develop machine vision sensors to provide differentiated inspections to customers.