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[ Notice ] PC specification for stable use of Surf.Finder

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Hello, This is DeeDiim Sensors SW team.

We will notify PC specification for stable and efficient use of Surf.Finder.

< Surf.Finder – PC Specification >

 - CPU : Intel i7 or i9 series

 - RAM : 16 GB ~

    * Multie Surf.Finder, High-resolution camera need to increase RAM capacity.


 - GPU : Above the series of NVIDIA GTX 1xxx (The latest graphic card that supports CUDA is available.)

    *  Keep graphic card driver up to date.(Over 456.38)


 - Storage : M.2 NVME(Recommended Specification), SATA3 SSD(Minimum Specification)

    * HDD(Delay may occur intermittently.)

 - USB : 1 Port(Surf.Finder-License Dongle)

 - LAN CARD : The server-class expansion card with separate Intel chipsets are recommended.

  * Delay of low spec/shared LAN expansion card may occur intermittently.

  * The motherboard LAN port may change in stability depending on the system configuration.

  * Lan Card currently in use : PCle_PoE354at_1EU3X4    

 - In case of using USB Camera : USB 3.0 expansion card with separate RENESAS chipsets are recommended.

  * In case of using USB Camera, the separate USB 3.0 expansion card installation is required.     

  * The cheap/shared USB expansion cards may occur some speed/connection issues.

  The USB port on the main board may be less stable, and the capturing time may be increased when you connect it directly.

  * USB Card currently in use : 1EU3X4-PCIE4XE101

 - Windows 10 or 11 - 64 bit

 - .NET Framework 4.7

 - Visual Studio 2017 redistributable package

**  PC specification may change depending on the whole system configuration.

** When you purchase the Camera Interface, LAN card, etc., you need to check the specifications of the main board.

Thank you.

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